Hauling & Disposal Services

Who we are

Direct Water Solutions aims to optimize the procurement of water hauling services for oil & gas producers. We simplify the procurement process and lower total cost on a well-by-well basis. In addition to lower cost, we maintain extensive availability and offer one point of contact for any producing well in Texas.

Our platform analyzes data on market pricing, disposal well utilization, mileage, and incident rates to improve service quality and lower total cost. We then provide you with one price for hauling and disposal to easily compare rates.

How we work

Step 1: Complete the form on our homepage. The API # provides our platform the location of your well to calculate service cost.
Step 2: We upload your data into our platform and select the best service provider based on distance, market rates, and service quality (i.e., incidents per month, availability, etc.)
Step 3: We provide you with one rate on a per barrel basis. You can log in to our site, track service, and pay online.

Submit your information on our homepage or contact a customer representative to learn more.